VoteTracker iOS App

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Congress Watch iOS App

Congress Watch is an app designed to keep you informed about your representative’s votes in Congress, and to hold them accountable. You will be able to track your representatives, be notified of each vote that takes place, view how your representatives and all representatives voted, and lookup contact data for your reps. Vote data is scraped directly from the official records of the United States House of Representatives and Senate, and you will be notified within an hour of votes taking place, or occasionally within an hour of their posting into the public record.



Privacy Policy

Congress Watch does not collect, store, or sell any personal information of users. We do not collect information such as email addresses or passwords, as there is no sign up required to use the app.

If you opt in to receive push notifications, we will store a unique instance ID corresponding to each installation of the app in order to deliver the notifications. Instance IDs are stored securely with Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging ( Instance IDs will expire when the app is uninstalled.